Polyclinic Orto MD Novi Sad

Stem cell transplantation – regenerative medicine team

More than 120 stem cell transplantation last year in Serbia.

Indications for stem cell treatment

Award-winning CLINIC

Professional attitude towards patients and methods of healing have made us the leading clinic dealing with orthopaedics and healing.

All surgeons are members of ESSKA, SICOT as sections of orthopedics and traumatology of Serbia. Prof. dr Dušan Marić is also an active member of the medical commission of the European gymnastics Union since 2011.

Blood is taken from a vein directly in a special EOT device. With specially treated glass beads that are within the apparatus “stick” to your blood cells and stimulate the synthesis of protective proteins in the body.

The medical team of ORTO MD who specializes in physical therapy, proudly points out that they are able to provide the best possible care for each of their patients.


Specialist Clinic ORTO-MD follows the latest trends in the world, both in terms of the organization of the workplace and medical equipment, as well as in terms of new methodologies, to our patients a complete and efficient service to the latest European and world standards.


Maximum attention to the patient.


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So What Do Our Clients Say

Very professional and friendly people. Dr. Marić does not sugarcoat things and does not promise the impossible, but yet he performs beyond expectations. They have a lot of work but do not hesitate to engage in explanations no matter how complicated it may seem, they are even surprisingly happy when a patient is interested. Honestly i can see that they feel real concern for the patient and personal hardship associated with the patient’s medical issue. I fear that the building they occupy is rapidly becoming inadequate because they have a lot of patients. I hope that, the future holds a larger more friendly office (services at the moment seem too cold for their liking) and the help they provide us with stays the same at the highest possible level. I commend them in following the latest trends and innovations in the field of medicine.
Vladimir Ostojić

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