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Isolation of autologous stem cells is performed with commercial devices which can separate stem cells in a certain number and quality. For each patient we count the numer of mesenchymal stem cells, viability, and typization.

We isolate stem cells via aspiration of the bone marrow as bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC). The cells are autologous ( it means for the patient not from the tissue bank), the procedure is performed in one act: we aspirate bone marrow, isolate stem cell and give them to the patient immediately, bedside, in the same act, without taking the stem cells outside of the operation room.

The protocol of treatment for cerebral palsy patients, spinal cord injuries, neuropathies, myelopathies, multiple sclerosis consist of 3 treatment sessions within 100 days. Between first or even a second specific physical therapy should be performed.

In this moment we can treat following conditions ONE SESSION:


1. Cerebral palsy with pediatric and adult patients

2. Spinal cord injuries there are two ways of treatment

a) intrathaecal application of stem cells

b) open surgery with removal of scar tissue and implantation of autologous graft in the spinal cord gap with stem cells which is novel technique.

3. Neuropathies

4. Treatment of sclerosis multiplex

5. Cervical myelopathy


1. Cartilage damage up to the 3 cm2 (open procedure)

2. Osteoarthrosis (one percutaneous shot of stem cells)

3. Ligament and muscle rupture and damage (with two weeks of rehab) O

4. Intervertebral disc injection during protrusions

5. Instilation of stem cells

in fractured spinal vertebra in pathologic and non pathologic state with osteconductive bone polymer


Before IVF

1. instilation of stem cell in ovarium in order to produce ovum

2. washing the uterus with stem cell to enlarge endometrium

3. washing the vagina in cases of difficult sexual intercourse

4. narrowing the vagina with subcutaneous stem cell and lipid tissue injections

5.Breast augmentation with lipid tissue transfer and stem cells (no implant)

Ginecology procedures can be done also with the PRP instead of Stem cells . in that case prices are lower by 20%.


1.erectile dysfunction (stem cells are given in corpus cavernosum)

2. enlargement of the penis with autologous lipid tissue and lipid stem cells


1. Knee arthoscopy

2.LCA reconstruction

3. Knee prosthesis implant included

4. Hip prosthesis implant included

5. Shoulder arthroscopy

6. Knee cartilage transplantation

7.fractures of long bones, pseudoarthrosis, external fixatere treatment

8. foot deformities in adult from

9. foot deformities in children

10. Scoliosis treatment

1.Cognitive disorder with hyperbaric chamber treatment 10 days

2.Burn out syndrome, over work syndrome with hyperbaric chamber 10 days