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Educational Qualification M.B.B.S., M.S. (Surgery) ( India ) Fellow Micro Surgery ( Osaka, Japan ) Fellow Hip & Knee Surgery ( London, UK ) Fellow Spine Surgery ( Aarhus, Denmark ) Fellow Traumatology ( Wuzburg, Germany ) Research Fellow Spinal Cord Injury ( USA | Portugal | Italy ) Fellow Stem cell Research ( UK | Czech | Germany ) Present Position Founder Mother Cell Consultant Stem Cell Research Revita Lifesciences India Devonshire Surg. facility, New York Advance Health, Puerto Rico USA Consultant Implant Development Treu-Instrumente, Germany Prof. Division of Surgery C.H.Medical College, India Faculty Academy of Regenerative Practices President and Founder Society of Regenerative Medicine Chief collaborator Graduate Institute Geneva Project Member ICMR-DBT Task Force India Current Research and Scholarly Interests Application of autologous bone marrow, adipose & dental pulp derived stem cells in neurology & Orthopaedic diseases Spinal cord injury, Cerebral palsy, Autism, Optic atrophy, Parkinsonism, Multiple sclerosis, Traumatic brain injury stroke… Critical limb ischemia, AVN, Non-union, Osteoarthritis… Developing human VSELS culture facilities. Multimodality approach in reviving Brain dead subjects Comprehensive treatment approach in chronic spinal injured patients. [2015] Initiating Phase II/III study with autologous adipose tissue derived mesenchymal cells in Osteoarthritis of knee. Phase II clinical trial with allogenic umbilical cord tissue derived mesenchymal cells in Osteoarthritis of knee. Finished phase I/II study Intralesional Vs scaffold filled administration of stem cells in chronic spinal cord Injury. Completed Phase I/II study with autologous adipose tissue SVF in10 patients of Osteoarthritis knee. [2014] Co Investigator in IRB approved study with autologous bone marrow&Adipose derived stem cells in ALS patients at USA. [2013] Successfully treated vegetative patients following traumatic brain injury by noninvasive implantation of autologous MSCs. [2011] Successfully reversed methanol induced optic atrophy in patients by bone marrow derived cocktail of stem cells [case series reported for the first time in world] [2010] Operated and conducted study” Duroplasty with omental transposition in acute spinal cord injury [first time in world collaboration with ISCI Iceland] [2009] Operated and conducted phase 1/11 trial with scar reduction & olfactory tissue transplantation in chronic spinal cord injury.