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Handball player Marta Beljić

injury – a fracture of the lower leg

So far no medications, but from now there will be

Knee pain

Prof. dr. Radojica Jokić

injuries – “tennis elbow”

Vanja Ilić

ankle injury since 4 years ago, have not been able to rehabilitate despite two operations – salvation is sought in their therapy “Ortho Kin”

An aspiring football star

We even have patients from australia! Remember this young man well, soon he will be in all the sports magazines and media.

Injury lasted over 20 months

“Harmless” injury during my regular warm up for hiking has brought with it a lot of heartache and time wasted in doctors offices until i found ORTO-MD and found myself a cure!

Injury during exercise

Instead of 6 months – healed in 2/3 weeks!

Our youngest patient 🙂

An unfortunate fall while skiing caused a leg injury that healed quick 🙂


Knee ligament injury during exercise– futsal


A fall in the center of town, lead to a serious fracture of the right hand. She tells us about her experience with us and the competitors.

Hip pain

A pain in the hip ”out of nowhere” that quickly became unbearable that needed medical attention


A doctor for the women’s spanish handball team at the 2012 European Championships Novi Sad, had an interview with our very own Dr. Dušan Marić suggested the most sincere compliments about our practise.

Goran Obradović

In front of the Athletic Federation of Serbia expressing his sincere appreciation for our quality of service and working with numerous athletes.