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Quick correction of poor posture, muscle inflammation, particularly rapid correction of various deformities of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, gibbosity) with Schroth method. This method is especially effective in growing children. The key method represents dynamic exercises controlled by a physiotherapist, specialized in this type of therapy.

In addition to dynamic exercises, there are other methods especially that involve breathing exercises primarily with one lung to correct deformities in the rotator thoracic segment of the spine. For the successful correction it is necessary to engage the whole family around the exercises for the child, or parent and take an active part in the exercise which leads to changing the quality of everyday life. Active participation means that child and parent need to know in detail in the types and characteristics of exercise as a method of correction of deformities. The mere training exercises go for a minimum duration of 15 to 20 working days, all in accordance with the classification of scoliosis and age of the patient. The initial period is important because it is necessary to correct muscle imbalances, correction of breathing and the introduction of certain types of exercises that can alleviate deformity. In the treatment of extremely severe forms used and girdles. These exercises have been successfully used in adults where the correction of deformities also expressed, only to a lesser extent in relation to the correction in children.

It must be emphasized that the work in our clinic is just the beginning of the conservative treatment, and so that results remain permanent it must be practiced continuously for a long time with periodic checks with your therapist. When assessing the quality of the exercises and the possibility of them, try introduce other exercises. The function and efficiency of the corset is assessed every 4-6 months. In conclusion: lasting success in the treatment of this method comes only as a result of actively engaging patients and parents (and certainly therapists), and is the basic condition for starting this treatment with this method, is all in the determination of the patient, and the will of the patient to get healthy. Otherwise, the results were modest. In our clinic therapy of Schroth method, in cooperation with orthopedists, works Schorth licensed physical therapist Marica Majkić.



Bottom left photo before treatment of scoliosis, lower right, after 6 weeks in a corset: correction very good.
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